For you by you, LLC was created to prepare your legal documents with oversite from our very experienced on staff attorney. We hand prepare each document to the best legal standard. Need assistance with legal services in Albany, NY? We are your solution with many different services including but not limited to deed preparation or prenuptial agreements.

We fully understand legal fees can be very expensive, but when you both agree to the terms, this is a very affordable option to accomplish your goals.  By creating an affordable way for you to move on to the next chapter of your life, without overspending! 

What sets us apart from the rest of the companies out there, not only are we real people who walk you through the whole process, we can offer an additional bonus savings option for you.  We can offer the option of meeting with our in-house staff attorney at a discounted rate!

If you wish to arrange a personal meeting with our in-house attorney because you are not entirely sure of your rights or wish to seek legal advice before you proceed with our paperwork, that’s okay!  We will be glad to arrange a personal meeting time for you to meet with our in-house staff attorney for a discounted rate.  We want you to have peace of mind with every decision you make!

Please ask us about Military and First Responder Discounts!

Legal Services we can assist you with:

 Divorce / No Assets / No Children  / One Signature Divorce / Same Sex   Divorce   – $439.00

Divorce / with Children or Assets   – $459.00                                                                     

Separation Agreement   – $339.00                                                                                                       

Prenup Agreement    – $639.00                                                                                  

Bankruptcy / No Real Estate / Single File   – $459.00                                           

 *Joint  Filing    –  $499.00                                                                                            

Bankruptcy / With Real Estate / Single file    –  $650.00                                     

Bankruptcy / With Real Estate / Joint Filing    –  $750.00                                   

*Credit Reports for Bankruptcy (per person)    –  $50.00                                  

Wills   –  $149.00                                                                                                             

POA’s    –  $49.00                                                                                                             

Health Proxy  –  $49.00                                                                                                

Name Change   –  $149.00                                                                                            

INC / LLC    –  $229.00                                                                                                    

Deeds  –  $229.00                                                                                                            

Promissory Note & Payment Schedule  –  $99.00                                                 

Notary Service  –  $2.00                                                                                               

***Traveling Notary Services offered for an additional traveling fee:     

$25.00 plus $2.00 per notary signature. 

*Notary Affidavits are                    $5.00 

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Disclosure Statement:

***Prices quoted above do not include state or county filing fees.  Also, there may be other small additional charges that may apply for messenger fees and or mailing fees, credit report fees or if you choose to have a personal meeting with our staff attorney.  

***On-Staff Attorney rates are for our clients only – discounted attorney rates are quoted for For You By You, LLC clients.  If you are referred to or make an appointment with our in-house or his staff, they will quote their own rates for your case.  For You By You, LLC. Is operated as a separate entity and it does not control any rates quoted by the attorney for your case.   

***For You By You will process the paperwork with the information you have provided to us.  We cannot represent you in court; cannot advise you of your legal rights or the law. With the information supplied by you, we will type the paperwork for the purpose of representing yourself (Pro Se).