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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Bad stuff happens to good people all the time!  We are not here to pass judgement, we are here to help you through this complicated process.


Bankruptcy can be an overwhelming situation.  Your phone may be ringing off the hook with creditors calling, you may have lost your job or been downsized.

For you by you, LLC was created to prepare your legal documents according to your situation.

By creating an affordable way for you to move on to the next chapter of your life, without overspending! 

We make everything simple and painless and you will be ready to file and have peace of mind knowing that everything has been put into order for you!  We are not attorney’s and can not provide you legal advice.  We are legal document specialist who can aid you in preparing your bankruptcy documents in accordance to the NYS Bankruptcy Codes.  

What sets us apart from the rest of the companies out there, not only are we real people who walk you through the entire process, we can offer a bonus savings choice for you.  We can offer you the choice of meeting with our in-house staff attorney at a discounted rate if you feel you need legal advice before you begin filing!


Bankruptcy / No Real Estate / Single File                                                                      $459.00

 *Joint Filing                                                                                                                     $499.00

Bankruptcy / With Real Estate / Single file                                                                   $650.00

Bankruptcy / With Real Estate / Joint Filing                                                                 $750.00

*Credit Reports for Bankruptcy (per person)                                                               $  50.00

The Bankruptcy Court filing fee is $335.00 in NYS.  When you are ready to file, please get a money order payable to the US Bankruptcy Court. 




Disclosure Statement:

***For You By You will process the paperwork with the information you have provided to us.  We cannot represent you in court; cannot advice you of your legal rights or the law. With the information supplied to us we will prepare all the necessary paperwork to represent yourself (Pro Se’) to the NYS Bankruptcy Court.

For You By You, LLC can only aid you in preparing your documents for a chapter 7 bankruptcy according to the NYS Bankruptcy Codes. 

We are NOT attorney’s and cannot provide you with legal advice nor can we represent you in court.  Your filing is considered Pro-se’ and we are only typing the legal forms you will need to self-file your documents for the NYS bankruptcy petition. 

In the event you need an Attorney or need to seek out advice from an Attorney we will be happy to make an appointment with our on-staff Attorney for a discounted fee. 

Per NYS bankruptcy laws there is a Means Test which will be provided to you to make sure that you are income qualified to file for a chapter 7. 

For You By You, LLC can only prepare your documents for filing a chapter 7 bankruptcy.  If you need to file a chapter 13, you can request to be referred to our on-staff attorney.  The attorney will quote his own pricing for Chapter 13 filing. 


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