Wills, Power of Attorney, and Medical Proxy


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One of the most important decisions in your life time is of the future.  None of us can predict the future but we do desire what is best for us and our families.

Most of us are private people and this is not something we would discuss at Thanksgiving dinner, but it is necessary to plan for the future.  Many of us will procrastinate or not consider making a will until someone has passed without a will or if someone in our family has taken ill and does not have a health care proxy or power of attorney in place.

In fact, many famous people have passed without a will, Elvis Presley, Prince and Aretha Franklin.

By taking this pro-active approach, your loved ones will know your wishes about your heath decisions and how to divide your estate after you have passed.

For you by you, LLC was created to prepare your legal documents according to your situation. 

We fully understand legal fees can be expensive, but when you both agree to the terms, this is an affordable way to carry out your goals.  By creating an affordable way for you to move on to the next chapter of your life, without overspending! 

What sets us apart from the rest of the companies out there, not only are we real people who walk you through the entire process, we can also offer a bonus choice.  We can offer the choice of meeting with our in-house staff attorney at a discounted rate!

If you wish to arrange a personal meeting with our in-house attorney because you are not entirely sure of your rights or wish to seek legal advice before you go ahead with our paperwork, that’s okay!  We will be glad to arrange a personal meeting time for you to meet with our in-house staff attorney for a discounted rate. 

We want you to have peace of mind with every decision you make!

Once your document is ready, we will give you a call and invite you back to sign your documents.  As a part of our services we will supply the witnesses and notarize your documents.  We will also provide you with photo copies of your documents. 


Disclosure Statement:

***Prices quoted above do not include state or county filing fees.  Also, there may be other small additional charges that may apply for messenger fees and or mailing fees, credit report fees or if you choose to have a personal meeting with our staff attorney.  

***On-Staff Attorney rates are for our clients only (For You By You, LLC).  If you are referred to or make an appointment yourself with our in-house or his staff, they will quote their own rates for your case.  For You By You, LLC. Is owned and operated as separate entity and For You By You, LLC can not control any rates quoted by the in-attorney for your case.   

***For You By You will process the paperwork with the information you have provided to us.  We cannot represent you in court; cannot give you legal advice. With the information you have supplied to us we will type the paperwork for the sole purpose of representing yourself in court (Pro Se).



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